White Rabbits – Milk Famous

You’d be forgiven for feeling slightly confused after listening to the first track on White Rabbits’ new album Milk Famous. The formally alternative rock band have come up with an electronic song called Heavy Metal. Evidence that the band are changing direction? Yes, but there is certainly no shortage of rock elements either.

They have adopted a new, slightly Strokes style sound, a la Angles which is especially evident on Temporary which mixes danceable beats with persistent bass lines. Danny Come Inside has an 80s sound of muffled vocals merged with playful synths and slicing guitars. The tracks on Milk Famous are full of unexpected twists and turns – unpredictability is something we don’t hear enough of in music these days.

With many bands producing a similar sound to White Rabbits at the moment Milk Famous is nothing ground-breaking but it is one of the best of its kind and shows thought, promise and progression.

Review by Ellie Crean


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