Theatre preview: Invincible, Birmingham Rep

A top-drawer comedy from the award-winning Original Theatre Company is coming to town – John Kennedy looks ahead to Invincible. Photo: Jack Ladenburg.

On its first national tour, Torben Betts’ smash-hit class-chaos comedy promises The Good Life meets Abigail’s Party and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? up in t’north? Possibly…

The recession is biting hard. Emily and Oliver (you’re getting the drift already!) downsize their middle-class London bijou to confront the gnarling realities of life beyond the last Tube station in their known universe…and much worse.

One night, they open their doors to their new next-door neighbours Dawn and Alan. A disastrous evening of olives and anchovies ensues. The anthropological clever money’s on a rollercoaster night of Karl Marx meets abstract art and an inevitable class/culture (biofuelled!) car crash. Tragedy and hilarity make confusion their masterpiece.

Invincible runs at the Birmingham Rep, May 17-21. For more information, visit


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