STYLE: Peaky Blinders: Get The Look

Birmingham’s rich history has been re-imagined in a new big budget BBC series, which harks back to a time when the city was run by a violent gang, the Peaky Blinders.

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In the late 1870s, Birmingham streets were filled with poverty and crime. Gangs erupted over the city and battles to own areas like Small Heath and Cheapside were common. The Peaky Blinders were the most notorious of the gangs, so named for the razor blades carefully stitched into the caps they wore, with which they would blind their victims. They were as stylish as they were vicious – with a look made up of silk scarves, bell bottom trousers and flat caps.

The new six-part series on BBC2 (Thurs, 9pm, BBC2) takes us back to the dank, dark streets of 1919. No expense has been spared on the production which stares Hollywood star Cillian Murphy (Inception, Batman) as Thomas Shelby, the gang leader.

Minus the blood splatters and the weapons, the Peaky Blinders look is a heavily stylised one: they wanted to bring a touch of class to their violent actions. Here is a selection of choices to help you get the look:

Words by Tajinder Hayer (@tajhayer)


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