STYLE: Freshers’ Fashion for women

Those first few months as a fresher can determine who you sit with, drink with and sleep with. What you wear serves as a statement of intent. Your statement should say “I am an intelligent, attractive, in control young lady and this is obvious from the way that I dress”. We favour a more disheveled girl – messy bed head hair, a smoky eye and smudged lip. To get such a look, channel student heroines such as Isabelle in The Dreamers, Lauren in The Rules of Attraction and Sam in The Perks of Being A Wallflower as opposed to Cher in Clueless and Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.

Shop intelligently – all of the items featured in this post are the building blocks of your winter wardrobe and can be worn repeatedly, and in a variety of ways.

Even Marks and Spencer are having something of a fashion moment right now so jump on the bandwagon and grab yourself a light pink coat. Team this with a simple oversized plain white T shirt and some skinny blue jeans. Wear simple black flats and a Cambridge Satchel company bag that is big enough to lug around those law / medicine / sports science texts.

Girls that read are sexy and the more battered the paperback the better. A vintage copy of On The Road with some Lana Del Rey on your iPod and those second & third year lads will be queuing up to buy you a Jägerbomb.

Words by Tajinder Hayer (@tajhayer)


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