STYLE: Bright Young Things

It’s no secret that ombré hair, particularly brunette-to-blonde, is setting itself up to be one of the most iconic looks of the 2010’s as seen on a myriad of celebrities from Beyonce to Kim Kardashian. However, hot on its heels is another trend in the form of ombré’s bratty little sister, brightly-coloured dip dyes have taken over in tones of pastel hues through to dazzling rainbow shades, and it’s undoubtedly one of the hottest hair trends of the moment. So Hedrock’s Simon Pinder has compiled this little ‘how to’ guide on how to get the look:

LOOK ONE: The Gentle Effect
As seen on: Avril Lavigne, Dakota Fanning, Britney Spears

Use Kevin Murphy Color Bug (£13.95) on wet hair, streaking through the ends. Don’t be afraid to really work it in, as this washes out for a no-commitment look. Bare in mind it will only really work its best on blondes to light browns.

 LOOK TWO: Bold Ends
As seen on: Nicki Minaj, Amber Le Bon, Jessie J

On darker hair, bleach out the ends to a clean even blonde, paying careful attention to how much you blend up into your natural colour. After cleansing and conditioning with a protein-based shampoo, apply La Riche Directions (£4.99) conditioning semi-permanent colour in your chosen shade for a vibrant, healthy finish.

LOOK THREE: Rainbow blend
As seen on: Audrey Kitching

This works on a full head of blonde hair, whether natural or lightened. Start by sectioning your hair into parts depending on how many different colours you want to use and where you want to place them. Starting at the back of the head working the colours first into the middle of the hair to the ends and then to the roots. If you’re using multiple colours on each section where the colours come together they will blend naturally. The same theory applies if you want to create rainbow tips to the ends of your natural hair colour.  As you complete the application on each section, place foil under the layer and fold the edge onto the strand, be sure not to fold the hair itself (bare in mind, the better you seal the foil, the less likely it is to slide out). Do this all over the hair, leave for recommended application time and rinse out from the ends first. When rinsing be sure to use cool water and try to keep your hair section separate in order to avoid bleeding.

Alternatively there are some great salons within the city that offer great colouring services such as Bad Apple and Toni & Guy. You could also consider using hair chalk which simple involved wetting your hair, applying the chalk and sealing with hair straighteners or curling irons.

Conditioning semi-permanents can last up to 24 washes, however, LaRiché also offer specially designed shampoo and conditioner to help prevent fading. Adding a little of your chosen shade to your conditioner can also help to prolong the life of your colour.

Words by Simon Pinder, Hedrock (@hedrockhair)


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