Single Review: God Damn – Shoe Prints In The Dust

Do you remember the first time you saw God Damn play live? That might sound a little pre-emptive, given the band have only really begun to make serious waves in the past 12 months or so, but on the strength of their releases and gigs so far we’ll be asking the question of each other soon enough.

From the colossal opening riffs that swerve and smash into percussion sent from beyond the grave by John Bonham himself, this new slab of GD goodness is a little sleeker than previous tracks out there but no less raw or alive.

When Thom Edward’s semi-sneering vocals and searing guitarwork lock in with Ash Weaver’s frenetic drumming, the band’s cited influences – from The Black Keys to My Bloody Valentine – drop away to allow God Damn’s singular sound to emerge. Three minutes and nine seconds of monumentally furious and totally beautiful sludge-metal. I thought nothing could beat the band’s immense cover of In Heaven (Theme From Eraserhead) but this is way up there with it.

How to live your life? Buy this single for starters, and then await the album.

Shoe Prints In The Dust is out now via One Little Indian. Download it on iTunes or order the 7″ vinyl.


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