Review: Superfood + Dumb + Sugar – The Rainbow, 05/07/13

If Brummies were to celebrate the 4th of July then seeing Superfood perform at their anticipated first headline gig would be the perfect way to go. Just ask the guy dangling from the roof beam front of stage as he thrusts his crotch devotedly while the audience surge and crowd surf beneath him. Oh sweet, delicious revelry…

B-Town brother bands Sugar and Dumb both play essential roles in warming up the crowd to such an explosive degree. What Sugar’s set lacks in length is more than made up for in substance, Fender fiddling and fringes. Though the lyrics are unclear, cool-as-shit melodies trickle from nonchalant vocalist Andy Brooks and lead into synchronised guitar breaks, which come through as some of their most inspired creations.

As an ear grabbing drum intro signifies Dumb’s arrival, frontman Dylan Williams bellows out loud and clear “I see weakness!”, clarifying that Dumb are some of the more aggressive and boisterous cohorts in tonight’s local brigade. While dedicated fans knock beers from innocent bystander’s hands, Dumb earn their keep with a cannonade of unadulterated indie-grunge.

Superfood simply own this sold out show with their mix of summer jams, catchy choruses and drool worthy basslines, something that authentically resembles and builds upon the golden age of mid-90’s Britpop. As feet fly skyward and the hardiest of fans gravitate towards that dying to be swung-on roof beam of eternal glory, Superfood remain unfazed and dedicated to their cause, the effortlessly cool bassist Emily Baker demonstrates this perfectly by barely cracking a smile. As lead vocalist Dom Ganderton announces it’s his birthday at midnight and rhythm player Ryan Malcolm throws water over the gasping crowd, a drunken barrage of fans pays tribute in a beautiful out-of-synch delivery of happy birthday. The band play their self-titled single to round off their triumphant gig, they have the crowd sitting neatly in the palm of their hand as they all chime “Superfood! Superfood!”


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