Review: Marina & The Diamonds – Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, 09/10/12

Marina & The Diamonds’ latest and criminally underrated second album is based around a character, Electra Heart, so her gig at the Wulfrun in Wolverhampton was always going to be interesting viewing.

As is now the fashion with characters or ‘concept’ albums, bands and artists often allow this to stream into their live performances. Marina and her Diamonds decided against this. Save for some wacky props and backdrop, there was little to suggest she was playing a character, although some may argue Electra Heart is frighteningly like Marina anyway.

Coming onstage in a black top and skirt, showing off a midriff Jessica Ennis would be proud of, Marina reminded everyone of why they were there after all. It wasn’t the props or the costumes, it was her voice. Sure, some people may hate it, but it’s instantly recognisable and that is why many of her fans adore her. Songs such as Power and Control and opener Homewrecker could be done by other people but they just wouldn’t feel right.

Fans favourites I Am Not A Robot and Bubblegum Bitch come and go with lots of posturing and posing as Marina flits between first and second albums. The beautiful, haunting Obsessions is a highlight of the night, with Marina taking a seat at her keyboard, while Primadonna picks the crowd up again.

A quick costume change sees her swap black for pink as she wraps up her set. The ridiculously dancey, shimmering Radioactive lights up the room, sandwiched in between Hollywood and Fear and Loathing clean up her set before the inevitable encore. Teen Idle, Hypocrates and How To Be A Heartbreaker are the final three songs in a night which saw everything you expect from Maria. Glitz, glamour, and satire. Or do we expect that from Electra Heart?

Review by Jon Pritchard


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