Preview: Nils Frahm, O2 Academy Birmingham

Piano virtuoso and electronic experimentalist Nils Frahm plays Birmingham’s 02 Academy on Wednesday 20th February as part of his Worldwide ‘All Melody’ tour, with the help of city promoters Leftfoot & This Is Tmrw.

The show will see Nils, a maverick of the modern classical world whose unconventional style has amassed an unlikely global demographic, bring his contemplative and intimate playing style to a West Midlands audience for the very first time.

Alongside collaborations with respected contemporaries Peter Broderick, Ólafur Arnalds, and Anne Müller, Frahm’s experimentation with both organic and electronic sounds has made him one of the most accessible contemporary composers of our time. 

Outside of the usual circles Frahm has performed live on Boiler Room, perhaps the most significant platforms in underground dance music streaming. 

In wake of his latest EP release ‘Encores 2’ – the spiritual side project to ‘All Melody’ – the performance promises an atmospheric fusion of neo-classical, jazz, ambient and IDM movements.

To look over the total work of Nils Frahm is to truly come to terms with the breadth of his artistry. From lonely harmonium melodies and creeping ambient soundscapes, to staggering orchestral verses and layered synthesisers, all thread seamlessly into his conceptual oeuvre.   

Other key releases include ‘Wintermusik’, ‘Spaces’, and last year’s ‘Encores 1’. In 2015 he curated his own ‘Late Night Tales’ compilation and soundtracked film-short ‘Ellis’ in the following year. 

Tickets for Nils Frahm at Birmingham O2 Academy on Wednesday 29th February 2019 are available to buy online here.

Words: Kristian Birch-Hirst


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