Pram kick off project to create musical map of Birmingham

Experimental pop band Pram

Experimental pop veterans Pram will kick off ambitious city-wide music project for-Wards, which aims to create original music compositions inspired by each of Birmingham’s different areas.

Pram, known for their dark twisted take on analogue electronics, ethereal samples and unique adaptation of toy instruments and unusual sounds. will be working with the Edgbaston district areas to create a piece of music reflective of the local community.

The for-Wards project will see a range of musicians invited to work with different communities over the next to years, to compose original music that reflects the culture of each ward in the city. The project will also involve various city-based musical partners, including Mac Birmingham and Supersonic Festival, who worked together to select Pram as the composers representing their wards.

The aim is to create a “cultural sound map of Birmingham”, with 10 original pieces of music encompassing 40 different wards.

Sam Owen from Pram said: “We’re really looking forward to exploring the soundscape of the area with people from the local community to find inspiration. Pram have been using “found sounds” for many years as a way of expanding our music and we all enjoy composing collaboratively. for-Wards is the ideal project for us to develop creatively and we’re sure will result in something exciting and unique.”

You can view Pram’s for-Wards video below. To support the project to create 10 unique pieces of music for the city, visit Pledge Music.


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