Photo Gallery: Brum Notes March Issue Launch Party @ Bull's Head, Moseley – 06/03/2014

Last Thursday, Is I Cinema, Victor and Women all helped us to see in our new issue in style with a trio of live sets at the Bull’s Head in Moseley. Ghosts of Dead Airplanes were on hand to provide a tasty DJ set and we got rid of every magazine in our possession. Great work everybody!

Here’s a visual gallery so that if you weren’t there (naughty you) you can almost feel like you were.

Throughout the night we were treated to one of the heaviest and frantic sets we’ve seen, from Wolverhampton’s Women, and their lock up buddies Victor followed suit with a characteristically enigmatic performance. Is I Cinema educated us with excerpts from The Observer’s Book of Heraldry. Why are they dressed as a netball team? Why wasn’t everybody else?

All photos courtesy of Sam Frank Wood.


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