Paul Murphy – Crossing The Sound

Crossing The Sound is the second solo offering from songwriter, poet, singer and front man of The Destroyers Paul Murphy.

Released quietly in December the album, in the words of the man himself, is about change and ultimately the fragile triumph of love over hate.

A simple message but often so hard to convey genuinely.

Just like his first album The Glen, Crossing The Sound is full of both happy and sad and inspiring stories that make you appreciate what you have or maybe what you don’t have any more.

They may even inspire you to go out and do something about it.

Yes, if it’s one thing Mr Murphy knows how to do extremely well it is tell a gratifying story.

Mainly acoustic and very raw, the focus is clearly on the message contained within the songs, that and of course his distinct voice.

Where the songs and the album as whole differ from his debut is that this time there is the introduction of fiddle, double bass, piano and drums.

These don’t take away from the simplicity and unprocessed sound of the tracks but help make certain songs stand out and add a warmth and depth to them.

Tender and emotive as always Paul Murphy sticks to a winning formula for Crossing The Sound.

If you like your music real, you’ll love this.

Review by Ben Russell. 


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