Now with added Foka

Brum street artist Foka Wolf is the latest addition to Birmingham Comedy Festival.

The artist has collaborated with the festival, and Tat Vision, for an interview in which he discusses his career, early works, turning points, artistic and comedic inspirations, and more.

The interview is available to stream now …

Birmingham Comedy Festival Meets Foka Wolf.

The 10min filmed interview is preceded by a brief 2m overview of some of Foka’s “greatest hits”, including his call-outs to cull the poor, and plans for the select few to move to another planet!

A Brief Introduction To Foka Wolf.

Foka Wolf is fast becoming one of the West Midlands’ best known artists. His work, which includes large posters that mysteriously pop up around the city, uses comedy to tackle darker subjects, include fake news, divides within society, wealth, and large corporations.

Many of his works have become viral sensations, as enraged passers by often mistake them for ‘real’ adverts and products.

Birmingham Comedy Festival 2020 runs until Sunday 11 October, with daily online activities – the bulk of which will remain online for post-festival catch-ups (all for free).

For more details head over to the festival’s website:


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