March Issue Launch Party Lineup Revealed

Is I Cinema have been revealed as the headliners for our March Issue Launch Party which takes place at The Bull’s Head in Moseley on Thursday, March 6.

Taking their name from a tube-based altercation lead singer Dominic Fletcher had with a youth (which prompted said youth to question ‘what you looking at bruv? Is I Cinema?’), the Birmingham five-piece are already ahead in the interesting-story-to-accompany-the-band-name stakes. Tempting comparisons to post-OK Computer Radiohead, with dashings of experimental fusion and prog rock, Is I Cinema are now into their sixth year as an outfit. Live outings have become something of a rarity which is why we’re so pleased to have them play for us and with a stalwart reputation for performing live readings from whatever book happens to be lining their pockets at the time, you can expect an intriguing introspective from this lot.

Joining Is I Cinema are Burning Alms. Blunt, aggressive and packing an almighty punch, Burning Alms comprise members of the Calories- Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam- Sunset Cinema Club-clan. With a driving percussive section, it’s experimental noise at its best. Be sure to check out the recently unveiled new single So Unreal before the performance.

Victor will open the bill. Through walls of distortion, a newly funked up bass section and the entrancing live performance of lead singer Georgina Grainger, last year Victor played with the likes of Cerebral Ballzy, The Amazing Snakeheads and Fat White Family. Destined to follow in the successful footsteps of fellow Black Country noise-makers God Damn, Victor have new recordings just completed for 2014. Make sure to head down nice and early to catch them.

Sounds in between will be provided courtesy of the deliciously unpredictable, Ghosts of Dead Airplanes.

Entry to this event will be £3 and doors will open at 8pm. For all further information, head over to the Facebook Event.


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