Marcel Lucont’s quick guide to French culture

French comedian Marcel Lucont

French flâneur Marcel Lucont returns to Birmingham with his brand new show, Whine List (7 April 2017, The Glee).

The appearance finds the self-proclaimed greatest French comedian currently in the UK sipping wine, and encouraging audience members to air their gripes and challenging experiences. He, or course, has to a few options of his own.

Discussing his before show regime, he says: “My preferred pre-show routine is the three Fs – food, fan mail and fellatio. Receiving not giving, in every instance.”

While on the topic of what he does post gig, he adds: “After a show in France I may saunter to a nearby café to discuss life’s many oddities over a carafe of fine wine.

“My post-show ritual in the UK more often entails strolling at pace through a city centre paved with anger and chips, attempting to avoid various oddities, be that bellowing men or tottering women who cannot decide whether they are angry, hungry or horny.”

Forever flying the flag for French cultural superiority, here’s Marcel Lucont’s one-stop guide to the very best of French culture…


Marcel: “Spend a day and night with the entire oeuvre of Serge Gainsbourg and tell me you have not gained some seductive powers, as well as a sudden desire for a maximum-strength cigarette.”


Marcel: “Jacques Rivette’s “Out 1: Noli Me Tangere” would be a strong start. If this semi-improvised, 13-hour 1971 classic is not for you, you should probably stop listing “culture” as one of your interests, French or otherwise.”


Marcel: “After watching “Out 1…” why not find a suitable bed to make a start on “A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu,” Proust’s fairly comprehensive novella?”

Visual Art:

Marcel: “Abraham Poincheval, a performance artist who has lived inside a boulder for one week and the inside of a bear for two weeks. With the world as it is, it is difficult not to be at least a little jealous.”

  • Marcel Lucont brings his Whine List to The Glee Club, The Arcadian Centre, Birmingham, on Friday 7 April 2017. For more information, see:


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