Live Review: Twin Atlantic @ The Institute, Birmingham – 01/11/2014

“You can tell that the youth of today have lost their voice,” sings Sam McTrusty on atmospheric opener The Ones That I Love. The bulging Birmingham crowd disagree; from start to finish, they sing back every word to Twin Atlantic. To acclimatise the Scottish rockers, the audience come dressed in a tide of tartan, and help propel this into a truly unforgettable night.

It’s testament to the quality of the four-piece’s latest album, Great Divide, that the new songs are greeted as feverishly as the classics. The bouncy Hold On and the juggernaut Fall Into the Party get the crowd jumping, whilst Cell Mates and its furious riffery show McTrusty and co. can really get the blood flowing. However, they’re no slouches when they pause for reflection either, the soaring Be A Kid and the emo-tinged Rest In Pieces display a band growing in maturity and depth.

Even though they draw heavily on Great Divide, it’s their 2011 record Free that elevated them to venue-fillers. The blistering Make A Beast of Myself and Edit Me are disposed of early but don’t lose any of their bite, whilst the mobile phones are whipped out for a bittersweet, acoustic-led Crash Land and the chugging riffs of Yes, I Was Drunk. Fans of the band’s early work are also rewarded, the melodic bursts of What Is Light, Where is Laughter? showing they had the talents to go far back then.

Tonight, Twin Atlantic show they have the confidence, songs and charisma to entertain sell-out crowds. It’s just a shame you couldn’t understand a word he was saying.

Words: Samuel Lambeth


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