Live Review: The Moons @ Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath – 20/09/2014

Despite recently losing two of their band members to Temples, The Moons have forged on ahead in their quest to be the most mod band ever. Their gig tonight is a who’s who of mod-looking characters and all of them enjoy the stylistic 60s tunes from the Northampton-formed band.

The band haven’t quite hit the heights of 2010’s Life On Earth but their tunes are still easy enough to bounce along to as this gig proves.

Opening with Forever Not Today and Revolutionary Lovers, both fairly good songs in their own right, these are soon put to shame by the quicker and catchier Promise Not To Tell. It’s a blueprint for the rest of the night. Half-decent tunes from the second and third albums blown away by how good the songs from the first album sound – even four years on.

But for some reason, tracks from Life On Earth are few and far between, giving the evening an up and down feel. There are plenty of opportunities to get to the bar for another pint before the next great song, and many people did.

Fever is a decent enough new song from the latest album, Mindwaves, as is Bodysnatchers, but there is still something missing. The songs shimmer with the bravado of the 60s and it’s a decent enough sound but decent isn’t really good enough these days. Only a few songs shine through and that’s a shame for a band who started off with so much promise.

They finish off with Chinese Whispers and Don’t Go Changing, both from their debut, leaving everyone with a happy enough ending, but overall there’s too much filler during the rest of the night.


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