Live Review & Photo Gallery: Swim Deep @ The Oobleck, Custard Factory – 24/05/2014

“We’ve been away writing new music, that was one and this is another,” says bassist Cavan McCarthy before Swim Deep launch into a laid back Lionel Richie Easy affair. It’s good. Playing their most intimate Birmingham show since before the hype machine began, the Birmingham boys are back to their beginnings and clearly thriving off every ounce of adoration they’ve earned.

They begin with Francisco before merging into Honey and Red Lips I Know, an extended instrumental at the end prompting the first of many circle pits to come. One of the band’s first demos, Isla Vista gets a rare outing before Stray and The Sea. Then it’s the new songs, She Changes The Weather and an encore of their King City calling card which is as poignant as ever in the moist surrounds of the Custard Factory in the heart of Digbeth.

The venue, which is in its opening week, suffers a little in its sound levels, but these are teething problems – tonight is all about the triumphant return of a band who look and sound more confident and relaxed than ever and who have the crowd eating out the palm of their hands.

At the close, guitarist Higgy jumps out into the sea and is completely engulfed by fans, fangirls and admirers they’ve created. ‘Don’t just dream in your sleep’ never sounded so apt.

Photos: Rob Hadley


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