Live Review & Photo Gallery: Solemn Sun @ The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham –11/11/2014

With tooth and claw bared and no explanations warranted, as if from nowhere Solemn Sun propel themselves into first track, Josef.  Colossal in its sound and potency, the crowd are given a very clear indication that this isn’t a sideways step for the band; it’s an evolution.

With what was an initially inquisitive audience now clamouring for more, Solemn Sun gladly oblige with Children from their new self-titled EP.  Amidst driving guitars and a doozie of a rhythm-section, the vocals resonate and hit like a swarm.

The sound quality and arrangements are close to perfect tonight, Iron Will sees guitarist Chris Capewell nailing the backing vocals before hammering on a pedal clearly marked ‘Ego’ with a blitz of a solo following.  The sixteenth beat of 30:10 rings out, the acoustic/electric drum amalgam another facet of Solemn Sun’s new sound. 

 The diffusion of responsibility throughout the band is written plain on their faces and in the desperate hunger with which they play Ruin, slated as their next single for release.  Closing the show with the melodic I Saw, layers of vocals meet pounding drums, converging in a sonic maelstrom.

A new day is dawning for Solemn Sun and they’ve emerged from their crucible a superior beast.

Words: Will Pace | Photos: Sam Wood


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