Live Review & Photo Gallery: Jaws @ The Oobleck, Digbeth – 20/09/2014

Fickle Friends

Despite being up against a games carnival next door, the 24-hour rave at The Rainbow and a party in the venue upstairs, Jaws still manage to fill the 400-capacity venue to bursting.

After two riotous sets from supports Milk Teeth and Fickle Friends, Jaws walk out to Will Smith’s Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, pick up their instruments and launch into album title track, Be Slowly.

Immediately it is clear that Jaws’ album was written with a live show in mind as the guitar textures that are synonymous with their music are carried over from recording to stage perfectly. The set is a mixture of their new album and their Milkshake EP, showing off just how far this band has come since the early days. Songs like Donut, Breeze and Toucan Surf almost feel like a service to those dedicated enough to have followed them from the beginning whereas songs like Time and Think Too Much, Feel Too Little – which has a previously restless crowd swaying dreamily – show just how far these four have come both in terms of musical ability and song writing.

This being Milk Teeth’s last night on tour with Jaws, they come on to end the first part of the set with Stay In, which keeps the security busy with crowdsurfers. After a brief, and possibly unnecessary interlude, the band return to finish the set with an unsurprising encore. However, as the riff for Gold kicks in to end the night, even the most cold hearted cynic can’t help but melt a little at the positive energy surrounding them.

Words: Matthew Burdon

Photos: Rob Hadley


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