Live Review & Photo Gallery: Byron Hare + The Time Thieves + Abel Gray + The Hungry Ghosts @ The Sunflower Lounge – 09/05/2014

The Sunflower Lounge is filled with revellers. First on is Joe Joseph AKA The Hungry Ghosts, his first live performance in front of a significant audience. The laid back lo-fi pace wildly captivates the crowd as loops of sound echo throughout the venue.

Abel Gray follows with a poetic lyrical edge that backed by heavy bass lined mesmeric beats. Gray is confident on the stage and the audience participate willingly.

Riding on the back of their debut EP Do You Want To Talk About It, The Time Thieves are next up. It’s clear after hearing their first song that the band is influenced by Joan Jet And The Black Hearts, Hole, The X-Ray Specs and Blondie. They’re technically gifted and each layer of sound easily distinguishable from the next. The lead singer’s voice hits all of the right notes and she gives off an air of confidence as she breezes through the band’s set.

The headline act take to the stage to complete the evening with a topless front man drawing gasps from the audience. The creative collective hailing from Redditch is joined on stage by Jodie Ollis and her outstanding voice. The electronic ambience that Byron Hare creates for his live show is perfectly complimented by her rich, deep and fulfilling voice. The crowd especially enjoy Hare’s cover of Robbie Williams’ well known pop song, Let Me Entertain You which is surprisingly infectious and sets the scene with its dulcet tones. The band’s debut single Serendipity is a chilled out and atmospheric piece that translates very well to a live audience.

Words: James Wootton | Photos: Rob Hadley


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