Live Review: Ming City Rockers + Dong Fang @ Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath – 20/05/2014

Dong Fang start the night off with bar chords and crashing drums; the deafening sound they create is pogo-inducing madness. Guitar solos between distorted vocals provide an atmospheric burst of adrenaline and the crowd goes crazy for the Brum-based punk band with the Chinese name. Dong Fang summon the power of Iggy & The Stooges and the relentless gritty sound of post -punk stalwarts, Wire. The bluesy riffs are laid back and juxtapose the fast pace of the songs. The band has played alongside God Damn, The Scribers and Laced, and is now paving the way for a highly anticipated first studio album.

Ming City Rockers, the four piece rock and rollers from just outside Grimsby hit the stage with their Marc Bolan-inspired hairdos and Johnny Thunders punk style. Clancey Jones’ voice screams and echoes with a swirling resonance throughout the room. Jones is suitably backed by lead guitarist and backing vocalist Morley Adams. The harmonies they achieve are a throwback to post-punk bands like The Au Pairs and Devo, but the band’s sound has a modern edge that is distinctive and unique.

The tracks the band play are all under the three minute mark, just like every true punk song should be. They have a short, sharp and uncomplicated sound and every song has a musical hook that stirs the audience into extreme pleasure. Ming City Rockers look good and sound even better with songs including I Want To Get Out Of Here, But I Can’t Take You Anywhere and Twist It. The band gives the audience a loud an immersive musical experience leaving everyone stamping their feet and demanding more.

Words: James Wootton


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