Live Review: Malone Malone @ The Institute – 22/06/2014

Kicking tonight off with Foals-style melodies are Lovats who from the offset command the crowd with funky beats mixed with hurricane-strength riffs. Next on the bill are Eskers who fill their set with potential-filled indie rock riffs and in an attempt to win everyone over throw in a weighty cover of Jet’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl.

Malone Malone’s previous gigs have seen people climbing up onto beams and even chancing jumps from speaker stacks. In comparison, anything less has the potential to seem tame but tonight their lively riffs and chirpy vocals leave the crowd anything but lacklustre.

Beginning with an ode to Vice journalist Clive Martin and their most recent single Alone, there’s no time wasted in instigating their easy-going melodies. Not long in, there are a couple of technical issues which allows some time for coarse banter between the headliners and Eskers but with a swift clear-up, the night carries on.

Breaking up the setlist of unreleased material is an assuring cover of Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness which leads on into the confident New Turn. The eminent intro quickly invokes the tight-fitting Temple room into a mass of jumping bodies while the four-piece onstage brandish tight riffs, smooth bass lines and rolling drum beats. Although tonight there are no lavish jumps, Malone Malone’s set is still inundated with enough groove to beat everyone’s Sunday night blues.

Words: Becky Rogers


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