Live Review: Chvrches @ The Institute – 10/03/2014

Chvrches rocked up to The Institute and put on a feast for the eyes as well as the ears.

Straight from the off, flashes of light struck the audience as Lauren Mayberry’s petite voice cut through the walls of bass and beats.

They kicked off with We Sink and got their biggest guns out early with Lies and Gun all being shot out at a ferocious pace early on.

After stopping to chat briefly to the crowd after the latter, they cracked straight back on it as the light show was also taken up a notch, with showers of blues, greens, reds, and a very bright white.

Science / Visions came and went literally in a flash, while Recover and Tether also kept the lightning fast pace up.

Looking at the gig from afar, there was incredible bass running through the building, some fantastic beats and clever, acerbic lyrics. If there were nits to be picked, Mayberry’s voice doesn’t come through as strong as it does on the album, but hey, you can’t have everything.

It’s also surprising that Lies and Gun were both played very early on, although it did whip the crowd into rhythm right from the off, which is always good.

Ending their first stint on The Mother We Share pretty much left the band with only one place to go for their encore, and sure enough, they went there.

You Caught The Light slowed things down for a short while, reminiscent of Coldplay and Glasvegas, before By The Throat bought the curtains down to a close.

It was a surprising but impressive end to a thoroughly enjoyable night.


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