Interview: Cowboy

Leamington Spa indie poppers Cowboy headline the Brum Notes magazine October Issue Launch Party tonight at The Bull’s Head in Moseley. Ahead of their appearance and whilst they tustle away on GTA, we chat to lead singer Joe and drummer Tom about what to expect.

How and when did you all meet and come to be in a band together?

Tom: Joe, Lewis [guitar] and Hugh [bass] met through school before I met them and were already in a band. Joe and I were good friends and told me that they were looking for a drummer. He made me audition – I got three yes’ and joined with immediate effect.

Your sound is reminiscent of The Maccabees and Wild Beasts. Do you draw influence from these bands?

Tom: Our tastes are all quite similar so we do draw influences from those bands amongst many others. Musically, we all share common interests and I think that’s quite obvious when listening to our music. Obviously we all have individual musicians who we look up to, for instance I’m a huge fan of Jack Bevan (Foals).

Joe: I agree, there are so many people I look up to – Conor O’Brien (Villagers) being one of the main ones – the man is a poet.

What’s each of your favourite records?

Tom: I’d say that mine is Songs For the Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age – that was great.

Joe: If I had to choose, mine would be The Suburbs by Arcade Fire. Lewis’ is Is This It? by The Strokes and Hugh’s is Humbug by Arctic Monkeys/

You’re from Leamington Spa – does that influence your sound?

Joe: I wouldn’t say that it influences our sound as such but there are a lot of people here who have helped and supported us in the last year which we’re grateful for.

If you had to create a musical genre for yourself, what would it be called?

Joe: It’s a mixed bag at the moment…

You’ve played some pretty impressive shows to date. What has been your favourite?

Joe: Towards the end of last summer, we headlined a show at a place called Wildes with your very own JAWS. Being a really small place, everyone was cramped in and it was a marvellous night for one and all.

You played your debut Birmingham show on September 19. How was it? How did Birmingham treat you?

Joe: the Hare and Hounds is such a good venue and the sound there is fantastic so playing there was a delight. Birmingham really looked after us.

You’re headlining the next Brum Notes Issue Launch Party – tell me three things the show is going to be.

Tom: Fit, fab, fun!

What are your plans for the near future? Do you have any plans to release anything?

Joe: At the moment we’re writing and demoing and hoping to release something in the near future. Lewis and Hugh have just moved to Leamington so we’re all close to each other now and that means that things should start moving quicker.

If you could direct people to one song as a keyhole into your music, which would it be?

Joe: All three songs we have out at the moment are different and show different aspects to us and our music so go and listen to all three of them.

Cowboy headline the Brum Notes October Issue Launch Party at The Bull’s Head in Moseley tonight, October 10. Tickets are £3 on the door and support comes courtesy of Tom Peel (full band), Apollo’s Mob and Germ.

Listen to Cowboy, here.


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