Fresh beats: This week’s new album releases, 12 Jan

As January unfolds, the music world continues to deliver a diverse array of new albums. This week sees a slew of artists across various genres set to drop their latest works. From the pulsating rhythms of electronic music to the introspective melodies of indie rock, here’s a rundown of the albums releasing on January 12, 2024.

1. @ — Are You There God, It’s Me, @ EP (Carpark)

– Genre: Alt-folk

– What to Expect: Are You There God? It’s Me, @ is @’s foray into electronic music — consisting primarily of software instrumentation (with the occasional flute, guitar or bass part sprinkled in).

2. Armin van Buuren — Breathe In (Armada Music)

– Genre: Trance

– What to Expect: A journey through hypnotic beats and uplifting melodies, typical of van Buuren’s signature style.

3. Bill Ryder-Jones — Iechyd Da (Domino)

– Genre: Indie Rock

– What to Expect: Ryder-Jones brings his evocative storytelling and atmospheric soundscapes to this much-anticipated release.

4. The Clamps — Megamouth (Heavy Psych Sounds)

– Genre: Psychedelic Rock

– What to Expect: Expect a mind-bending experience with heavy riffs and psychedelic overtones.

5. Folly Group — Down There! (So Young Records)

– Genre: Post-Punk

– What to Expect: Gritty, energetic, and unapologetically raw, this album is a nod to the classic post-punk era with a modern twist.

6. Hannah Wicklund — The Prize (Flatiron Recordings)

– Genre: Blues Rock

– What to Expect: Wicklund’s powerful vocals and blistering guitar work promise to make this a memorable release.

7. Harrison Storm — Wonder, Won’t You (Nettwerk)

– Genre: Singer-Songwriter

– What to Expect: Introspective lyrics and melodic acoustic tunes that resonate with the soul.

8. Holler Choir — Songs Before They Write Themselves (Nettwerk)

– Genre: Folk

– What to Expect: A collection of heartfelt, acoustic-driven songs with beautiful harmonies.

9. Kali Uchis — Orquídeas (Geffen Records)

– Genre: R&B/Soul

– What to Expect: Uchis continues to charm with her sultry voice and blend of R&B, soul, and Latin influences.

10. Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign — Vultures (¥)

– Genre: Hip-Hop

– What to Expect: A collaboration that promises to blend Kanye’s innovative production with Ty Dolla Sign’s smooth vocals.

11. Magnum — Here Comes the Rain (Steamhammer)

– Genre: Rock

– What to Expect: Classic rock with a modern edge, full of powerful vocals and soaring guitar solos.

12. Marika Hackman — Big Sigh (Chrysalis Records)

– Genre: Indie Folk

– What to Expect: Ethereal vocals and introspective lyrics, wrapped in a blanket of soft, folk-inspired melodies.

13. Nailah Hunter — Lovegaze (Fat Possum Records)

– Genre: Ambient/Experimental

– What to Expect: An immersive, dream-like experience that blends ambient soundscapes with Hunter’s ethereal voice.

14. Neal Morse — The Restoration — Joseph: Part Two (Frontiers Music)

– Genre: Progressive Rock

– What to Expect: A continuation of Morse’s epic musical storytelling, rich in complexity and depth.

15. Russell / Guns — Medusa (Frontiers Music)

– Genre: Hard Rock

– What to Expect: A powerhouse of hard-hitting riffs and anthemic choruses.

16. RYUJIN — RYUJIN (Napalm Records)

– Genre: Metal

– What to Expect: Heavy and relentless, a true treat for metal enthusiasts.

17. Vacations — No Place Like Home (Nettwerk)

– Genre: Indie Pop

– What to Expect: Catchy hooks and a feel-good vibe, perfect for brightening up your day.

18. The Vaccines — Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations (Thirty Tigers/Super Easy)

– Genre: Indie Rock

– What to Expect: Infectious melodies and upbeat rhythms, The Vaccines’ signature style.

Prepare your playlists and brace for an exciting journey through the new soundscapes this week offers.


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