Bar watch: Cherry Reds, Kings Heath

A small, independent café-bar with friendly staff, Cherry Reds is located on York Road, off the bustling Kings Heath High Street.
Upon entering this little oasis, you are greeted at the door with a smile and a folky-kitsch display of tempting cupcakes. The menu is small yet perfectly formed. There are maverick touches to modern, homely food that cater to the tastes of flesh-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike.
Cherry Reds specialises in strong US and European bottled craft beers that are guaranteed to open your eyes and tastesbuds to a plethora of flavours beyond the usual pub-standard lagers. There’s always a local ale on hand-pull too. The cocktails are original and alcohol-fuelled, like ‘Jamaica-Me-Crazy’: a shot of premium Kraken rum, a shot of Appleton rum, then topped up with ginger beer and lime. Every day between 4pm-7pm you can enjoy two cocktails for the price of one.
With retro décor and intimate dimensions, it invites the informal feeling of being in a house rather than in a public place. It’s a relaxing place to be. The unique ambiance is that your friend is having an open house and that you and those in the know are always very welcome.
Ben Calvert


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