Album Review: We Are Scientists – TV En Francais

It’s kinda mad to think that We Are Scientists are now 14 years old. FOURTEEN.

But unlike most 14-year-olds, the trio are pretty darn reliable. Especially when it comes to churning out American anthemic indie-rock. Their new album, TV en Francais, is pretty much everything you expect from a We Are Scientists album.

From the funky bassline on the opener What You Do Best to the even funkier bassline on fourth track Sprinkles, it’s all there. Corny American accents, cool indie tunes, sing-along choruses and whistle along vocals.

Ever since With Love and Squalor the band have been producing some absolutely cracking tunes without ever really nailing that full, brilliant, career defining LP. And unfortunately, this isn’t one of those either, but it’s still darn good.

Songs such as Courage and Returning The Favour slow down the album and it loses it’s whizz and buzz which can take away from the rest of the album, which is a pleasure to listen to. Ironically, Slow Down doesn’t actually slow the album down and it is one of the most upbeat, and better, songs on the album.

Don’t Blow It is a pretty good slower song, but I don’t think it would sound too out of place on a Take That album before closer Take An Arrow ends on a high note with a nicely crafted, typical WAS song.

They haven’t really done anything much different from previous albums and if you’re a fan of them then you’ll probably love it. And if you’re not, well, it’s certainly worth a listen but it won’t blow your socks off.

tv en francais


TV En Francais is out March 3 via 100% Records.


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