STYLE: Freshers’ Fashion for men

It is not easy being a new student. There is a pressure to fit in, be cool and look a certain way. If you happen to be a new student to the city of Birmingham, that is neither cool or able to dress a certain way, this post may help you create a good first impression at the start of a session of lectures that you will no doubt miss many of, and nights out after which you will almost definitely wake up with a roaring hangover. Everything in this post is easily available on the high street and many places offer student discounts to help that student loan stretch even further.

The key to getting freshers’ fashion right for men, is to live by a simple rule, and it is one that you will live by for the rest of your life – dress in a way that is just in the know enough to impress, but look casual, as if you are not even trying.

There are a couple of staples that you cannot go wrong with:

Skinny blue jeans – if you are lucky enough to pull them off, we would recommend a pair of raw denim blue jeans. These Topman jeans are only £38.00 and look great day or night.

Grey sweatshirt – or indeed any kind of sweatshirt really, as they are having a real fashion moment. Incredibly comfortable and transitional between seasons. This Jack Wills one is perfect – £49.50.

Sneakers – feel free to go to town and express yourself with your choice of footwear. If you are sensible and don’t want to stand out too much, go for a pair of plain Converse high tops from Office at £47.99.

Jacket – a parka screams ‘student!’. Head back to Topman to get your hands on this khaki parka with a wool hood – £95.00.

Follow the above guidance and you can’t go wrong. For your own sake, please avoid football shirts, slogan T shirts (especially political slogans) and anything that looks too business (because no-one wants to start life at university looking like Will from The Inbetweeners do they?)

Words by Tajinder Hayer (@tajhayer)

Header photo by Jade Sukiya (@jadesukiya)


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