EP Review: Eat Y’Self Pretty – Yo! Miserable

At the beginning of the year, electronic indie five-piece Eat Y’Self Pretty made available to download their new Yo! Miserable EP. Including the full versions of two teaser tracks the band uploaded last autumn (Yo! Miserable and Rainbows and Waterfalls), the short player also features two brand new tracks, Porcelain Avalanche and Animal Instinct Predator Prey.

EYP’s last EP was released in June 2012 and was entitled We Are the Morally Untidy – any curious listeners can get hold of that here.

Since then, it’s safe to say that the band have taken a somewhat darker turn. “How can a song be dark when someone’s hitting a frying pan in a samba section?” jests bassist Pete Thornton and sure enough the record begins with a handclap and there’s some charmingly trademark indie-pop shouts over the top which make up the chorus. But boy does this one brood. It marks a progression from the previous record, sort of picking up where WATMU’s closing track, Heartwings, left off, and when Yo! Miserable!’s dying embers bleed into the threatening bassline of Porcelain Avalanche which is laced with some deft guitar work and uplifting keys, it really begins to gain some momentum. Rainbows and Waterfalls contains some standout moments of the record. With a killer chorus, it lends itself to a jubilatory live performance and the closing minute or so sounds big. Animal Instinct Predator Prey begins to lull the EP to a close, a tender and wistful refrain which mounts to a crescendo in its three and a half minutes.

Overall, the record is a window into a more mature Eat Y’Self Pretty than ever before. At the same time however, it feels a little disjointed. In an effort to move things along and mix it up a bit, it struggles with timings, stopping and starting and actually it feels like what it is, two sets of songs recorded put together on a record. At times even the songs themselves could do with more fluidity.

That said, there are some wonderful moments. Eat Y’Self Pretty present a different concept completely to the reem of imitation bands en vogue at the moment and their use of electronics is a daring dalliance with distinction. Undeniably the boys know how to write a chorus and how to write a hook and once they’ve tweaked the formulae, they’ll be on course for a very good album indeed.

Yo! Miserable EP tracks 1 and 3 were recorded by Joe and Gavin at Magic Garden Studios.
Tracks 2 and 4 were recorded by Miguel Seco at Robannas. All tracks were mixed by Joe and Gavin at Magic Garden Studios.

Listen to the EP below:

Yo! Miserable EP is available to download via Bandcamp now.


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