Review: Wolf People + Baron + Goodnight Lenin – Hare & Hounds, 09/05/2013

Announced as an addition to the line-up not awfully long before they take to the stage, Birmingham five-piece folk troubadours Goodnight Lenin deliver a set punctuated with new material, shrouded in an incense-tinged surround. Now veterans to delivering beautiful and unusual live performances, their date at The Old Rep theatre on May 31, for which this was a warm-up show, promises to be special if the new songs we were treated to prove to be the trend.

Brighton-based Baron are up next, their modern brand of prog combining ambience, restraint and full blown bodies of jamming to create an intricately crafted wall of sound. They play a number of tracks off their latest release, Columns, all of which their audience laps up.

So when Wolf People take to the stage, the room is hot and it is ready. Wolf People too have a new record to try out – Fain. Elements of this combine with older material to create a varied set and one which is as intricate as it is obtuse.

Altogether a thoroughly successful night once again delivered by the stellar folk over at This Is Tmrw. Bravo.


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