Review: Splashh + Popstrangers + Heavy Waves – Hare & Hounds, 02/06/13

When Splashh first erupted onto the new music scene with their debut single All I Wanna Do late summer last year, it seemed palpable that a new ‘buzz band’ had generated from the ol’ hype machine. Hailing from Hackney, the band’s 90s tinged, anthemic sound filters neatly and significantly into your ‘Indie Summer Playlist of 2k13’ somewhere between Gross Magic and Peace.

From a band that only formed last February, Splashh’s sound and style seems honed far beyond their one year anniversary. In a music scene where Birmingham is adopting a labyrinth of summery vibes with names referencing the sea (Swim Deep) and things that go in the sea (JAWS), Splashh seem to almost fit snugly into this bracket, despite the cultural differences.

With support from Birmingham’s scuzz-happy Heavy Waves (the water references just keep on coming guys) in which effortlessly cool frontman Luke Morgan meanders his way through a set that is already well attuned to the Brummie ear, and the diversely packaged Popstrangers offering songs that can whet pretty much anyone’s appetite, tonight boasts a roll call of a 90s travel through the ages.

Splashh’s start was mellow and it wasn’t until five songs in when All I Wanna Do crash landed into the Hare & Hounds that the crowd really took off. What went from bobbing to full scale crowd surfing during Vacation ultimately resulted in a stage invasion to an elongated outro of Need It which was so long you could shave on it, and so did the band and audience truly merge into one.

Splashh’s sound is refreshing, at times euphoric and more than anything catchy. Which is all the essence of a great indie band. Paired with Toto Vivian’s pining vocals and sun-soaked riffs if these guys can manage to set themselves aside from their musical peers during live performances they may well and truly be onto something. Freshh.


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