Review: Scratch Club @ The Yardbird – 04/06/2014

Iconic Hip Hop, Beat Box and Turntablism night Scratch Club returns to The Yardbird tonight for its summer edition. The lights are dimmed and the floor is ready for body poppers, B boys and the like, some of them talented musicians or dancers, all of them lovers of music with soul and a versatile beat.  Since its beginnings in 2007, and having put on the likes of DJ QBert and Public Enemy, Scratch Club has built up quite a reputation. Tonight it fulfils that word of mouth status.

Mr. Switch, three times World DMC scratch champion takes to the decks early in the night, an unimposing and chilled out character, gliding between records with complete ease, scratching and manipulating beats and sounds with a look of complete relaxation. His fingers are operating the instruments at his disposal as naturally most people use a knife and fork to eat and he looks like a Zen master making something so complicated look easy.

A producer showcase featuring Percy Filth, Kosyne , Myke Forte and Joe Corfield is next, a wealth of laptops emitting incredibly diverse sounds right into the heart of Birmingham. The innovation of the sounds of so many creative minds showcasing their most prized musical inventions is a privilege to hear and inspires the audience to dance and to listen and to learn. A selection of improvised MCing is entertaining and hilarious to watch and adds to a night already packed full of audible treats, in the form of Bambino, Redbeard and Mr. FX.

Hats off to organiser Automaton (AKA Thomas Dunstan of Earko fame, the legendary electro night which sadly no longer runs). His contribution to the hip hop music scene in Birmingham is invaluable right now and tonight Scratch Club is an exciting musical exploration. Full steam ahead for the next event on August 5.

Words: James Wootton | Photos: Nick Morgan


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