Review & Photo Gallery: Jungle + Beaty Heart @ Hare & Hounds – 20.03.2014

Beaty Heart will never get away from the Animal Collective comparisons. Flutters and loops and bounding melodic buoyancy, the clue’s really in the name with the instrument-swapping five-piece from Peckham who consist of three drummers and whose percussive pulse throbs through the centre of everything.¬†Where Animal Collective have tended to impress less live than on record though, Beaty Heart’s tribal pique and their audio embodiment of following a butterfly through a rainforest holds its own. They are equally as impressive as headliners Jungle; this is a strong line up indeed.

Masters of mystique, Jungle have had the music critics scratching their heads for almost a year, not only about the identity of the band but also its makeup. Well tonight there are seven of them. Fronted by core duo ‘T’ and ‘J’, they’re using their fair share of samples but we’ve also live instrumentation and two backing vocalists who serve to add a slice of soul to the mix. It’s a short set – 35 minutes and six songs – which is only one more than is out there in the public domain; perhaps they’re still not ready to unveil themselves completely. But what we get within those walls is smooth world music, urban groove fused with disco-era Bee Gees and a 70’s synth pop over the top. The Heat and Busy Earnin’ are the show stealers and the whole thing is a rare and eclectic treat of artists presenting an alternative to the standard band set up. Onwards.

Photos: Sam Frank Wood


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