Review: Eagulls @ Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath – 04/03/2014

Leeds five-piece Eagulls celebrated the release of their debut album at the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath tonight.

The band are famed for their edgy and opinionated punk rock but it was a rather sedate gig on a cold Tuesday night.

I can’t be 100 per cent sure whether the sound was dodgy because of the band or the venue, but Hare and Hounds is normally very reliable, even in the smaller room. Lead singer George Mitchell was straining to get his voice heard over the thundering drums and guitars that made their debut album so impressive.

The anger that spurned songs such as Nerve Endings, Footsteps and Hollow Visions, which are rushed through at breakneck speed, is clear to see as the band wallop their way through the set.Mitchell gets the crowd going, almost ordering them to get busy, and they duly start throwing themselves around as he shouts over the rumbles coming from his band mates.

The 20 or so fans get rowdier as the set runs on and in the few songs where his voice can be heard, it’s not actually that bad and the songs, particularly Fester / Blister, have a lot more verve about them, while breakthrough song Council Flat Blues gets a big reaction from the crowd.

But unfortunately, the band as a live group don’t hit the heights they do on the album, and although the audience force them to do an encore, it’s much of a muchness. A disappointment.


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