EP Review: ANiMA – Remember It's A Memory

The second EP from local heavy rock foursome ANiMA in as many years, Remember It’s A Memory is a concept record of six songs based on the idea that a memory is never the same as the event or the emotion it entails. It’s a severe thrash through grunge and metal with influences System of A Down and Smashing Pumpkins (guitars) and Brett Anderson vocals evident at alternating instances. Mostly the band manage to retain the melody (recent single The Sun And The Moon and Fluctuating) and there’s a beautifully confessional spoken word number, Embers which begins with a delicate piano and ‘The terror confounds me, how true is a memory?’ bleeding through to ‘How true is the mind compared to the eye?’, a token repeated in album closer, Ablaze. At times, the screams thrown in at will slightly detract from an otherwise well-crafted effort but overall it’s a thought-provoking listen.

Remember It’s A Memory is out June 7. Buy your copy here.


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