Watch: Punk trio Youth Man unveil video for new single Painted Blue

Noise punk trio Youth Man have unveiled a video for new single Painted Blue.

It follows last month’s release of the Birmingham band’s EP Wax on Venn Records. The video is shot live to give a perfect snapshot of their notoriously gritty stage performances, and is billed as a “continuation of the band’s desire to present an unfiltered and undiluted version of their music.”

Youth Man singer Kaila Whyte said Painted Blue was the most personal song on their new record.

“It was written at a time when we realised that due to social media we had surrounded ourselves with like-minded people and the social and political values we have aren’t necessarily shared with the rest of the country,” she said.

“Facebook had given us a false sense of security. The song is having a go at the deceptive tactics used in politics today and calling on people like us who aren’t content with the climate and saying we’re not alone. It’s a bit of a love letter to Jeremy Corbyn too.”

Watch the video to Painted Blue by Youth Man above. Wax is out now for digital download, as well as on limited edition 12ins frosted clear vinyl, available from Venn Records here. Find out more about Youth Man here.


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