Live review: Widowspeak – Hare & Hounds, 21/11/15


Cold, dark and dreary – the weather outside dampens the spirits and shoes of many coming to the Hare and Hounds tonight. It’s a quiet room, cut off with a curtain and there’s not the usual chatter among the audience. But when opening Brum four-piece The Hungry Ghosts blaze onto the stage, thrashing their guitars and roaring in with Jack White esque vocals, everything illuminates. Its aggressive, tight, dirty garage rock’n’roll – miles away from the soft ethereal nature of Widowspeak, but nerveless entertaining and they gives us a much needed uplift to a wet Monday night.

The Hungry Ghosts
The Hungry Ghosts

Four-piece Faux Palms fronted by founder and local singer/songwriter Rick Wellings, truly bring the audience to life – they’re definitely more akin and complementary to the headliners – folksy, bluesy, melodic. Wellings’ clear vocals resonate strongly around the tiny room and their song Wipe Out with its’ vintage rock ‘n’ roll is an awesome track. They start with a silent audience, but end with a dancing mass of gig-fodder, a must see band.

fauxpalms (2 of 2)
Faux Palms

Widowspeak have a graceful and calming presence – they’re extremely meditative, apt for chilling out and shoe-gazing. It’s perfect dream pop, sounding as if folk, post-rock and heaven have all finally met. Molly Hamilton’s vocal largely encapsulate this vibe – her voice is so subtle and slack, but perfectly pitched, intoxicating and alluring like that of a mythological siren. You can lose yourself in Widowspeak’s music very easily, they don’t demand your attention, they just seduce you. The New Yorkers tour on the heels of their September 2015 release, All Yours, which is an incredible release. Ending the set on a strong sustained note, it all seems to be over in a flash, as though we’re awakening from a trance – always a hallmark of a good night out. Highly recommended, most definitely.

All Yours is out now

Words: Khrystine Blount
Photos: Rob Hadley (Indie Images)

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