Live Review & Photo Gallery: White Denim + Deathcrush @ Glee Club, Birmingham – 26/05/2014

Opening the show and unleashing one almighty sound are the aptly named Deathcrush. The Deathcrush experience is one of anarchy and rebellion. It’s one of extreme noise and rhythmic disorder. Fronted by self-assured leads Linn Nystadnes and Ase Royset, this Oslo trio assert a unique form of no wave.  At one point Linn Nystadnes jumps into the crowd shouting “you need to get tough with me…put your hands on my shoulders!” Sadly her demands are wasted on this crowd, who don’t quite know how to react to Linn’s boldness.There’s no doubts that Deathcrush had do their job as supports and though they leave a little shell-shocked, the crowd are now certainly warmed up. Onto the main act.

Ignoring the slight hiccup of an initial power cut during the opener, Texan four-piece White Denim leave no time for small talk and quickly get going. We’re presented with a non-stop two hour set, packed-full of the funky rock & roll that White Denim so cleverly infuse with progressive undertones.

After the first few songs it’s clear that this quartet hold an impeccable musically ability. Lead James Petralli’s and guitarist Austin Jenkins effortlessly execute the most complex of rhythms and solos. Steve Terebecki’s dynamic bass eloquently sits alongside Joshua Block’s thumping drums, resulting in the most magnificent of sounds. As pleasing as this jam-packed set is, at times it’s a little exhausting. Every track tends to wander into an epic jam which feels a little unnecessary – sometimes less really is more. Or as one gig goer passionately shouts out “enough of the yacht rock, let’s hear some rock & roll!”

That’s not to say the crowd are left disappointed in any way. The night involves a lot of head banging and by the end of it we’re all a bit of a sweaty mess.

Words: Saima Razzaq | Photos: Jonathan Morgan



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