Live Review & Photo Gallery: The Family Rain @ Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath – 04/06/2014

At the start of their six-date UK tour, Bath brother trio The Family Rain headline the Hare and Hounds on a miserable Wednesday evening – apt, perhaps, for a tour they’ve chosen to call ‘The Bad Weather Tour’ but strolling onstage and launching into recent single Feel Better (FRANK), they have the crowd cheering and clapping along right from the start, and miserable is no longer a problem.

With the majority of their songs coming in at under three minutes and banter with the crowd limited to asking for the England score, the trio storm through their set, their relentless energy mirrored in the crowd, especially halfway through when stomping single Pushing It receives the best audience reception so far followed by a much heavier rendition of Vulpicide than on record.

More highlights come with Reason To Die, complete with an extended solo for guitarist Ollie Walter and an exciting moment when lead singer and bassist Will Walter saunters offstage and out through the audience. Melodic album track Binocular and the anthemic Together have the devoted fanbase singing along to every line, although the “brand new, fresh out the pot” tracks are equally appreciable.

It’s the first time the band have played in Birmingham since the release of debut album Under The Volcano and it’s far from sold out. But take it a year back to when the band were playing to a handful of about 10 people in The Institute’s Library and it’s progress indeed. As they close the show with the song which began their journey – debut single Trust Me… I’m A Genius – the entire room is enraptured. The Family Rain are at the top of their game.

Words: Beth Coveney | Photos: Jonathan Morgan


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