Live Review & Photo Gallery: Beaty Heart @ Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath – 16/05/2014

Beaty Heart really are interesting to watch – and that has absolutely nothing to do with the string vest / desert chic combo lead singer James Moruzzi has going on. That’s for sure.

There’s four components of the psych pop outfit onstage tonight crafting calypso rhythms straight out of Peckham; but instrument-swapping, looping, pedaling and bounding about as they do, it sure feels like a whole lot more.

Ahead of their forthcoming tour with fellow Londoners, Jungle, twists, hooks and chants make up their show tonight; it’s tribal and tropical, it’s the best from their upcoming debut record, Mixed Blessings, including Banana Bread, Kanute’s Coming Round and Lekka Freakout. Slower, stripped back moments are just as intricate live as on record (Muti, Yadwicha’s Theme) and it climaxes to Seafood and a full on classroom party.

If there’s a down-side to tonight it’s the embarrassing turn out – this is a truly celebratory live act, a refreshingly independent sound and Birmingham lets itself down in its attendance – there are little more than a handful in that now-cavernous feeling room. But perhaps that has something to do with the Factory Floor show going on next door.

The mainstay of Birmingham may have done but tonight Beaty Heart do not skip a beat. One of our favourite bands this year.

Photos: Jonathan Morgan


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