Live Review: Money + James Brough @ Bull's Head, Moseley – 28/10/2014

James Brough takes the stage in a cramped and sweaty Bull’s Head tonight, preceding the headline act. He whirls, whirs and whistles through a fairly short set, memorable if not for its prowess, then for the joy of hearing a hairdryer through a loop station.

With tickets limited to 100 for an intimate preview of tracks from their new album, Money take to a much smaller stage than they have grown used to. They couple the old and the new beautifully through a 45-minute set, with crowd favourites Bluebell Fields and Who’s Going to Love You Now causing a stir amongst the masses. Frontman Jamie Lee’s credentials as a poet are proven in the early murmurs of The Shadow Of Heaven and he does not let his cooing fans down with the new offerings, “I’m not ashamed of what I’m doing, I’m ashamed of what I’ve done” , being a particular highlight.

Another new track later, (which sounds very late-70s Zeppelin), Lee takes to the floor, quite literally, and roars through Cold Water before finishing with the effervescent Letter To Yesterday , “Oh there’s blood …” ringing out long after the guitars have gone quiet.

It’s clear that Money are on the rise and it won’t be long before venues like the Bull’s Head simply won’t be big enough to satisfy demand. Performances like this really set Money apart as one of the best live bands around.

Words: Joe Whitehouse


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