Live Review & Photo Gallery: Milk Teeth @ The Sunflower Lounge – 18/12/2014

The Festivus season started early with a little gift from promoters Killr Punx tonight; the gift of loud music and tinnitus. Milk Teeth may be missing their bassist but they’re still ready to pick up what Curb, Vault Of Eagles and Sweezer (that’s Swerve as Weezer) have thrown down in The Sunflower Lounge beforehand. You really do have to ask yourself if you’ve seen everything when you’ve seen Swerve doing a cover set of Weezer songs.

Equally as impressive are Milk Teeth, who prove that the attention they have been garnering as of late is absolutely deserved. Despite missing a member their performance is no less charged with anger and frustration. Without bassist and singer Becky (the perils of revelry around Christmas time, but don’t worry, she’s recovered), they’re unable to play Swear Jar or Vitamins, but the audience are treated to some new material from the upcoming Sad Sack in their place. One new song is Bagels, a song that’s brutal to the point of terror and panic, which leaves the crowd just as bruised, battered and bloody as the material from their Smiling Politely EP.  It’s great to see how tight this band has become in their live performance through their experiences while touring. Definitely a band to watch out for as 2015 approaches.

Words: Matthew Burdon | Photos: Jonathan Morgan


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