Live Review: King Tuff @ Alfie Birds, Birmingham – 19/11/2014

King Tuff is a freak. This is a good thing, it has led to four albums worth of interesting, twisted and gritty rock and roll which enter the next dimension when seen live.

After a fast and furious set from Table Scraps, the air in Alfie Birds’ Loft is sparking with the kind excitement that raises the hairs on the back of your neck and has your heart vibrating through your entire body. An atmosphere that does not subside for one second during King Tuff’s performance, kept alive by the thick bass and urgent drumming of the full band experience, and of course Kyle ‘King Tuff’ Thomas’ showmanship as he hits everyone watching through solos and power stances.

Such a personal setting can be difficult for bands to work with, but King Tuff seem entirely at home with the intimate venue, it almost feels like you’re watching them at practice. As talented and unique as this band is the audience is never alienated because they don’t take themselves too seriously, telling dumb jokes and riffling with the audience. What this leads to is a sort of electricity in the performance that lifts King Tuff’s already adrenaline pumping tunes to new heights, particularly in songs Headbanger, Black Moon Spell and Bad Thing.

King Tuff is unforgettable and unmissable.

Words: Matthew Burdon


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