Live Review: Childhood + Kid Wave + Dumb @ Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath – 09/10/2014

For those that haven’t fallen under the spell that Childhood seem to have cast on the UK it can be a little difficult to see just why their fans are so enamoured with them. Lacuna isn’t a bad album by any stretch of the imagination but it lacks any sense of personality and at times can feel more like a collection of callbacks to other, more interesting bands; there’s only so many times you can be drenched in sun. There is something special about this band though, it’s undeniable, and it’s something you only catch when you see them.

Childhood clearly know how to pick supports with Birmingham residents Dumb opening the show. However, far outshining them is Kid Wave who are unbelievably cool and make unbelievably cool music for unbelievably cool people – you’re going to hear a lot about these guys in the not so distant future.

Not long after Kid Wave’s incredible set, Childhood take to the stage. Live the album takes on a new dimension – you can sense a kind of electricity in the music. Blue Velvet is more powerful given live instrumentation and As I Am is even more overwhelming and hits you harder than it does on record, it’s equal parts amazing and depressing. If you’re at all unsure about Childhood, go and see them live they will no doubt change your mind. Lacuna may be found lacking at times but their performance promises something more.

Words: Matthew Burdon


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