Introducing: Wide Eyed

Jack Parker meets Wide Eyed, hanging out in a bomb shelter style shed in the middle of nowhere, miming opera singing to the new Muse tune and driving around endless motor ways listening to The Fall.

They delighted in recalling tales of late night jam sessions, Birmingham’s ever-changing music scene and searching for Nick Drake’s grave.

“We wanted to take a guitar up there and sing a cover of one of his songs to his grave. I even rolled a fag for him,” recalls singer Jake Bellwood.

If their handsome features seem familiar then that’ll be because guitarist Tommy Greaves was in 80s indie pop throwbacks Corelli and singer Jake Bellwood, bassist Max Fisher and recently appointed drummer Aaron Singh were in psychedelic wanderers Shallow.

Shallow ended up wandering into obscurity and Corelli ended up going their separate ways. “We used to think we were geniuses and that anything we made would be gold,” remembers bassist Max Fisher. Guitarist Tommy remembers the moment they found their sound: “When we wrote Bleak it gave us a direction to formulate our sound.”

Both bands played their last ever shows together at the same, rather drunken, final farewell. Their previous endeavours opened their eyes to where they have always wanted to go with music. Jake, Tommy, Max and Aaron are four good friends with four similar tastes in music. So, why wouldn’t they start a band?

Wide Eyed aren’t exactly aiming for the stars, they are instead gazing down at their shoes but soon when they look up from their pedals, through their fringes, there will be an audience gazing back at them. Their guitars swirl, their hair swishes and you’ll soon find yourself getting caught up in their signature squall.

Visit the Wide Eyed Facebook page here. Wide Eyed are live at the O2 Academy 3, Birmingham, on August 18 as part of the next Brum Notes presents show, headlined by Jaws. Also playing are The Tone Thieves, These Kings and Caves. Tickets are £5 in advance from here.

Words and photo by Jack Parker



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