Introducing: Anushka

Anushka is the latest project from Birmingham musician Anna Palmer, formerly of Tantrums and Little Palm. She brings her new band, haunting vocals and more mature sound to the Hare & Hounds for the Brum Notes and This Is Tmrw Christmas Party. With just a handful of appearances under the new guise, including at Moseley Folk and Off The Cuff Festivals early this year, and no recordings to speak of yet, excitement is still building. We caught up with Anna to find out more.

So, Anushka is still quite a mysterious project to a lot of people, what can you tell us about it?

It’s still quite a mysterious project to me to be honest. The songs are still in their rawest form with the line-up of just me and the piano and my drummer. I’m going for a much heavier/darker sound though, it’ll all become clear when the line-up is complete. I’m still experimenting at the moment so I’m trying to keep it ‘mysterious’ for now.

Will there be some surprises for people who may have seen you performing in the past? Is it quite a departure from your previous work?

Well, I hope people will see the maturity in my song-writing, I’m not a little teenager anymore, like my first solo persona ‘Little Palm’. I’m studying composing as well so I feel my skills are developing a lot and being in Tantrums really gave me a new confidence on stage, which will hopefully remain.

How would you describe your sound and influences?

I can’t really describe my sound yet. I’m not really meant to be gigging until my line-up is complete and the recordings are online but I just couldn’t resist. Plus, just performing the songs is a great way to get to know the material and start hearing what you want. I’d say my influences though are bands like The Pixies, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and I’ve been re-visiting the likes of Massive Attack/Aphex Twin and Bjork recently.

You’ve not played too many shows under the new name, is the set evolving all the time?

Yes I’m trying to go a little incognito for the time being until everything’s in place and I’m ready to go full throttle Charlie’s Angels Two. The set’s nearly there now, I think.

And what about recording, any plans to get in the studio yet?

I’ve been spending lots of money recently on a home-made studio in my tiny flat. Over the next month I’ll be spending a lot of time cooped up, crafting the songs to how I want them to sound.

Are you looking forward to ending the year in style at the Christmas Party? Any festive surprises or Christmas songs in store?

I can’t WAIT. The Christmas tree and lights have been up for a while in my flat, I turn in to the ultimate saddo this time of year. There’s nothing wrong with embracing the festive cheese…I’ll be spreading some all over the place…wow.

“I can’t really describe my sound yet. I’m not really meant to be gigging until my line up is complete and the recordings are online but I just couldn’t resist.”

Anything else you’re looking forward to over the festive period?

Food. Shit loads of food.

And what does 2013 have in store for Anushka?

Full line up, recordings on the tinterweb, loads of gigs and grafting. Oh and some collabs here and there (*spoiler*I’ve had a few jams with the GOD DAMN boys and I’m really excited about the sounds we’re creating)

What’s the best/worst Christmas present you’ve ever had?

Best- Buzz light year. Worst – one, solitary stick of rock. I hate it so much.

Can you say a few words on Troumaca and Tempting Rosie, who you’ll be playing with at the Hare & Hounds show?

Lovely, lovely boys with shit loads of talent who have a real respect for what they do and graft hard. Not just stylish and awesome live but have proper substance and integrity; a true representation of the Birmingham music scene, oh sorry I mean ‘B-town’.

Anushka will open the Brum Notes and This Is Tmrw Christmas Party at the Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath, on December 20, which also features live performances from Troumaca and Tempting Rosie, plus DJ sets from Perfect Sounds Forever, W. Wolfe and This Is Trmw.

A limited number of advance tickets are still available from TheTicketSellers for £5 adv (+BF) from here. Entry will be more on the door. Doors open at 8pm. Join the Facebook event for more details. 

Read our interviews with Troumaca and Tempting Rosie in the December edition of Brum Notes Magazine, available online or to pick up for free at venues across Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Follow Anushka on Twitter. 

Photos by Wayne Fox Photography.


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