Interview: Peter Hook – "To be in a group you have to have ultimate self belief"

It’s fair to say Peter Hook knows a thing or two about how to make it in a band. Not only was he in Joy Division but he also helped them get over the death of their lead singer to become New Order, one of the most influential bands of all time.

So what is his secret to making it in the music business? Put simply – passion.

He explains: “You get a lot of knock backs so you want to be like a boxer really, you want to come out fighting, and every time the bells rings you want to come out with your fists up ready for it.

“I think that’s what’s lacking with a lot of these programmes like The Voice, X Factor and that lot. These kids stand there and have four tossers telling them what to do, to be in a group you have to have ultimate self belief.

“That’s what I love about The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, if someone like Simon Cowell said to them ‘you need to get a new singer he’s rubbish’ they’d have said ‘you get stuffed mate,’ and that is what’s lacking – passion and fire.

“When you watch these shows, you see those people come on who can’t sing and can’t dance, but they’ve been told they can. You look at them and think ‘you poor deluded bugger, you’ve got no chance,’ but that’s what you need to be in a group.”

“As soon as you start listening to people who tell you what to do, they end up diluting you and ironing out the unique bits that make you what you are.”

Read the full interview with Peter Hook in the May edition of Brum Notes Magazine, available to read online here.

Peter Hook & The Light perform Unknown Pleasures live at the O2 Academy, Birmingham, on May 30. Click here for ticket details.

Words by Jon Pritchard

Photo by Mark_McNulty


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