Interview: Apollo's Mob

Intricate folk duo Apollo’s Mob play for Brum Notes tonight at The Bull’s Head. Ahead of their performance, we talk to Georgia Harris and Eloise Colbe about what to expect.

How did you meet and come to be playing music together?

Eloise: We met years ago at school, our music teacher told us we should work together and the rest is history!

Who are your musical influences, are they different?

Georgia: Mine are Simon and Garfunkel, Kate Bush, Bob Dylan, folk music and the 60s and The Beatles.

Eloise: Pretty much exactly the same, I love Carole King and Lana del Rey too.

Does being in Northamptonshire influence your sound?

Georgia: Northampton is charming but music is a portal to another world beyond its sunny climes. I do write a lot by the lakes and in the forests and about the people I’ve met there so I suppose it is influential as any home is.

Eloise: I don’t think I could put it any better! Northampton is influential in itself, there is such a good new music scene so that’s pretty cool. It’s such a diverse town, it’s not quaint, it’s quirky, weird and interesting and I hope that comes across in our music.

What do you do in terms of education / work outside of making music?

Georgia: I am at university in Liverpool studying music. I also take up jam tasting to a semi-professional level outside the workplace. I do a really good impersonation of a sycamore seed.

Eloise: I’m in the last year of sixth form studying Politics, English Literature and Philosophy. I’m hoping to study Art History next year so I spend a lot of time in museums and galleries. I work in Clarks which is dangerous because I am a bit in love with shoes and that eats away at my pay check…

You won Northampton’s Unsigned Fest. When was that and what did entering entail?

Eloise: Oh wow that feels like so long ago. We won it last September and basically we had to go through a set of rounds (I think there were three?!) and we came top in those so went through to the finals at The Roadmender. It was so scary but we met some incredible artists and the whole experience was very fun.

Describe your sound.

Georgia: Twisting harmonies, poetic lyrics and Eb minor.

Eloise: …and a 6/8 time signature.

What is your song writing process?

Georgia: I don’t really feel responsible for anything I write, I feel like more of a vessel. The songs just come and go as do the people, places and ideas which inspire them. I often write down nice things that people say, and because all sayings have a musicality they write themselves really.

What informs your lyrics?

Geogia: Insanity, a love of the whimsical and the word ‘spoon’.

Tell us something that readers should know about you.

Georgia: We like to drink a lot of tea so if you want tea, you can drink tea with us.

Eloise: I concur. Also, when I speak onstage, my accent goes really Northern. I don’t know why. I’m a Norrfaaaaamptoner through and through – I guess it’s a nerve thing!

You just made your first ever music video which was for Apple Fields, based on Dylan Thomas’ Fern Hill. Where did the inspiration for the video come from?

Georgia: The back garden.

Eloise: And time.

Georgia: We didn’t want to portray anything literally we just wanted to create pictures to evoke memories and feelings.

Who would enjoy your music?

Eloise: I don’t think we really have a main demographic. Our audiences always very mixed. I like that, it means we get to meet so many interesting and different people.

You play for Brum Notes on October 10. What can people expect from your performance?

Eloise: Anything could happen as we haven’t seen each other in a while. It’ll be emotional, we’re both so excited. We love playing in Brum!

What are your plans for the near future?

Georgia: Make music, drink tea, finish the album and collaborate with more musicians!

Eloise: All of that and some more gigging around the country.

Apollo’s Mob play the Brum Notes magazine October Issue Launch Party at The Bull’s Head on October 10 along with Cowboy, Tom Peel (full band), Germ and Youth Man DJs.

Listen to Apollo’s Mob, here. 


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