Single review: Granville Sessions – Calgon Sunrise

Calgon Sunrise is the latest release by South London eight-piece hip hop collective the Granville Sessions. The title suggests something clean and sparkling, but as the eerie melody ushers you into a brooding twilight world of foghorn brass and B movie space horror shrills, it becomes quickly apparent that this is not something soft and fluffy. The languid beat drives the tune on like a piston as the band’s 3 MCs each take their turn to rap.

The track distorts further with grungy guitar threatening to explode into a fuzzed up post punk squall but instead going quietly with a twinkling outro that leaves you pondering the whole experience. It’s definitely hip hop but so much more cinematic, gothic, metallic, like Howie B remixing the American Horror Story theme – a refreshingly strange spin cycle.

Check out the video below:

Granville Sessions play the Dark Horse, Moseley for The Scratch Club on 09/07/16

Words: Andrew Gutteridge


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